“…it is an instinctive process, I don’t plan anything.
I often have my camera with me and when I come across a place or a person that “connects” with my memory or subconscious I begin to work. But I don’t know what I am doing on a rational level at that particular moment. It is only after printing the image that I will maybe begin to understand & rationalize,but not always! So my visual threshold it is the border or “bridge”that exists between the timelessness of the unconscious mind and “reality…”

From AG Magazine article (January 2008)



‘Visual Thresholds’ is a work that reflects a well-known and widely discussed theme in photography: the subjective perception of vision – or rather: the representation of one’s own way of seeing through the photographic medium.

Stefano develops this reflection through an intimate journey: by reflecting on himself in an attempt to give himself answers to existential questions – on his own meaning, on his own fears and hopes – he brings us to know his personal representation of these themes.
The result of this research is multi-dimensional images, which the observer can interpret as something that emerges from his own inner world, thus unconsciously recognizing the origin that led to the creation of these responses.

The work is divided into 4 sequences, divided on the basis of these queries, and is made up of more than 40 images.