LAST GARDEN 2020-2021

In this project I wanted to look for a connection between myself and the nature.
I wanted to do it with tools as far away from technology as possible. So I built myself a Pinhole. The primordial camera: without lenses, with nothing inside, just a box and a small hole. a direct line between the light on me and the sensitive paper with a very low sensibility. Then, starting from my home, I went around the woods near my heart to listen and took photos to the nature, often with myself in a composition so approximate, cause the Pinhole has no viewfinder.
Very long exposure times in which my body had to remain still for 10, 20 minutes. At that time I was looking for a connection between myself and nature itself by listening to the wind, the rustle of leaves and the animals and insects that surrounded me and touched me. An inner relationship reproduced in images where I still feel the sensations of those moments.
The project start in the city where I usually live up, to complete my awareness of the importance of this union between us and nature, even and especially if we live in a big city.
It is a metaphorical work that represents ” the last garden”, that last chance to to avoid the risk of never going back if we don’t try to find a honest connection between us and nature again.