All these reviews talk about VISUAL THRESHOLDS project

Sandro Iovine
Journalist and reviewer.
–> Open review
Maurizio De Bonis
Journalist, reviewer and on line CultFrame magazine director.
–> Open review
Fausto Raschiatore
Journalist, publicist and reviewer
–> Open review
Roberto Mutti
Journalist of Repubblica newspaper and photographic reviewer
–> Open review
Denis Curti
reviewer and “Il Fotografo” magazine director
–> Open review


Fine Art Images Gallery Torino (IT)
Red Bridge gallery in Vologda (RU)
Art’s Museum in Togliattigrad (RU)
OpenMind Gallery Milan (newoldcamera)
Vincenzo Mirisola collection (Gente di fotografia)
Zachary Shtogren (spanish collector)